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Home club of Founding Father Paul Haddock, Hyde Heath is now a firmly established Ramblers favourite. The Away dressing room doubles up as a recovery centre for local agoraphobics, and clear heads are also needed out in the middle; Heath couldn't be more hospitable but they’re bloody hard to beat. We have batted, bowled and fielded beautifully at Hyde Heath. Just never on the same day.

Pit Stop:

Lunch Chez Haddock has become a much enjoyed and much appreciated tradition, while a pint in The Plough is the perfect way to wrap things up.

A view from the oppo:

"The Ramblers seem to really enjoy their cricket but can have some strange collapses, as today, in their batting. However, they more than make up for that in their fielding as they did again. I am not a fan of constant “chat” in the field, and certain sides that are just obnoxious and, frankly, intimidatory.

The Ramblers stay on the right side of this although they are extremely noisy in the field but then they also produced a phenomenal display in their catching and stops. I suppose one cancels the other and they do really enjoy themselves. I would also point out, they never dissented at any decision which is not always the case with “enthusiastic” sides."


Hyde Heath CC - 2013

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50th Year Anniversary Tour included 3 wins and intra-club game and party like no other!


More great pics from Paul Haddock from the Original years. Click here!

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