Southwell Ramblers Cricket Club
Southwell Ramblers Cricket Club

The Originals

Ralph Shipway

Original Fuhrer of the Ramblers, founder member and Mike Brearley-like thinking captain. Nurdling middle/lower order batsman (famous for lavatorial stance at the wicket!), contributed many useful runs including match-winning 50 on Alderney. Sartorial taste somewhat dubious - tested to see if socks needed changing by throwing them at the changing room wall. Team poet.

Paul Haddock

Original wicket keeper for the Ramblers and hard hitting middle order batsman. Nureyev-like behind the stumps, handed over the gloves to Greg when his eyesight began to fail, but this did not stop him from playing for at least a further decade. Individual fielding style sometimes involving the ball, ran keenly between the wickets when he was the striker.

Joe Stansbury

A left-handed bowler who preferred to come out of the sun and also a left-hand bat (middle order) with more style than substance. Never one to refuse a pint and intensley competitive... very popular with the ladies!

Greg McEwen

Tenacious opening batsman who took over wicket-keeping duty from Paul Haddock. Provided numerous excellent opening partnerships with Brian Turner and others, which the rest of the team usually squandered. Supplied many excellent Australian players through his wife Jennifer's family connections. Remarkable resemblance to WG Grace in his prime.

Robert Spencer

Ingenious slow bowler who confused batsmen with his extremely long run and looping delivery. Never knowingly turned a ball, but the leading wicket taker in Ramblers history. Very rarely given a chance to bat, so his prowess in that department largely unknown. Record number of Not-Outs.

Nigel Harrison

Neatly put together Harrison a business tycoon, famous for multiple wives, who also played for the Thompson Tycoons, had a short stuttering run up... gave the ball a lot of air and it often subsequently  then spent a lot more time in the air than intended by its deliverer. Capable of taking wickets on a good day.

Tim Southorn

Stylish looking batsman always going in up the order. Also able to turn his arm, should be remembered for breaking down on his run-up on the third day of the first ever Devon Tour at Whimple and Whiteways ground... due to suspected alcohol poisoning. The first Rambler to bring a girl on tour.

Mike Woof

The hirsuite Chartered Accountant original Cheltonian and occupier of Southwell Gardens with Haddock and Shipway. Easily recognisably by his loping run between the stumps - a batting performance that was more about substance than style. Supplier of the cottage which together with a Volkswagen camper van provided the accommodation for the first Devon Tour.

Mike Weston

A quality bowler and batsman (former Leicestershire Colt??) .. constantly frustrated that Spencer's rubbish bowling got wickets whilst his own bowling merely seemed to soften up the batsmen for Spencer on at  first change. Enjoyed his fags and pint.

John Hitchens

Opening bowler, journalist, played also for Kew (?), his appeal of " how was that gentlemeeennnnnn" was the scourge of umpires throughout the land as refusal led to a glare that would freeze water.

Bryan Turner

A former Derbyshire colt who also played for Sponden, A dour dentist from Derby, prone to constantly chewing gum. Joined the Ramblers as a result of having met Shipway whilst training to be a dentist. Opening bat.. solid but unadventurous. Famous for leaving Devon Tour to attend the birth of his son, Alastair who is now the Ramblers leader​.

Richard Smeathers

Big and hairy, a quality batsman, also played for Highgate. Most famous for his piano playing in the Red Lion in Shobroke, Devon, whilst singing 'oh for the wings of a dove' in Falsetto, probably in the false hope that they might speed his passage between the wickets.

Ramblers News


50th Year Anniversary Tour included 3 wins and intra-club game and party like no other!


More great pics from Paul Haddock from the Original years. Click here!

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